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Small Company Solutions has built seasoned relationships with over a hundred national, regional, and local commercial lenders who are actively lending to small businesses. Our team of financial experts have a deep understanding of what lenders need to see in order to instantly approve your company for business capital. We leverage that information to ensure you receive the most funding possible in the shortest period of time with the most competitive rates.

We are started by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. Our underwriting process happens within hours, not weeks. This means you can apply for funding in the morning and have an estimate the same afternoon.

There is over a 92% funding approval rate. Our simple funding criteria allow us to approve more than nine out of every ten qualified applications. Our funding experts will help you find the right products that you qualify for.

Use the funds for anything your business needs. No restrictions. Period.

  • Advertising: more marketing and promotion
  • Emergencies: reduce the impact of emergencies on your business
  • Expansion: pay for an expansion as you need to
  • Inventory: expand or add inventory as you need to
  • Payroll: cover your payroll during lulls
  • Remodel: redecorate or remodel your facilities
  • Staff: hire more staff and train them
  • Vehicles: purchase new vehicles for your business

We are a first class service for entrepreneurs. We take the time to understand your business funding needs and provide solutions to accelerate your business.

  • Receive 0% interest free business credit for 6-13 months
  • Access Capital in 15 days or less
  • Fast Approvals. Receive your funding estimate the same day
  • Complimentary 1 on 1 Business funding evaluation with one of our business lending specialists
  • Our guidance and expert experience will guide you through our funding process step by step
  • We educate you on how business credit works.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Marlene Puckett

    Hello my name is Marlene Puckett. I’m trying 2 get a loan but I dont have a bank account. I need the money 2 get married. I have never got a loan before . My future husband is working out of state & he is the one who will be paying the money back as soon as he get back. I only need 2 borrow 5,000 & he will pay all the interest that come with it .So can someone tell how i can get a loan please. Thank u very much .

    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      Hi Marlene. While I appreciate your position it is impossible for me to get a loan for you if you don’t have any income. Do you have any income from a business? These are business loans that I have, not personal. Thanks, Tim


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